12" WGS12L - 200 WATTS

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Headroom, clarity, balanced response, power... These terms have become synonymous with a vintage American design that is known and sought the world over. WGS now pays tribute to this classic with our WGS12L. However like all of our designs, we didn't set out to make a clone. With this model we paid extra special attention to the details, producing a speaker that delivers that same even response without sounding sterile and lifeless. Boasting a cast frame, 2.5" voice coil and a 200 watt rating, and clocking in at 18 pounds, this beast is loaded for bear. As a welcome addition to the WGS fleet, this speaker is definitely our battleship. #EV #electrovoice


  • Diameter 12 5/16"”
  • Overall depth 5 1/4”
  • Cut-out diameter 11”
  • Mounting slot dimensions 1/4”
  • Number of mounting slots: 8
  • Mounting slot PCD 11 3/4”